3 Tips For Playing Sports Into Your Twilight Years

Playing Sports Into Your Twilight Years

Playing sports is a great way to stay active, reduce your stress levels, and make connections with your community. However, many people who get closer to retirement age and beyond start to feel that they’re too old to continue playing the sports that they once loved or have always wanted to participate in. Luckily, for most seniors, cutting back on your activity isn’t necessarily something that you’ll need to do.

So if you’re wanting to play sports into your twilight years, here are three things you should know in order to stay safe and have a great time.

Know The Best Sports To Try

Not all sports are going to be ideal for aging bodies. Depending on how active you’ve been throughout your life and what your current health and fitness looks like, you may want to begin with sports that are a little lower impact.

According to Melissa Neiman, a contributor to MoneyTalksNews.com, some of the best sports to participate in as you get older are things like swimming, tennis, yoga, golf, and biking. All of these sports will allow you to get your body moving without putting too much stress on your joints or other sensitive areas. And because you can do these sports at almost any experience level, these are good places to start for any senior citizen.

Expect Social Benefits, Too

Even if you’re not too interested in playing sports for the physical benefits, you should expect to find some social benefits as well.

Many seniors worry about being able to make friends and connect with people social as they age. But if you’re on a team or playing sports with others, Brad J. Stenner, Jonathan D. Buckley, and Amber D. Mosewich, contributors to ScienceDirect.com, share that you’ll have an instant network of friends and associates to support and fellowship you. Especially if you’ve just moved into an independent living situation, you may find that there are sports teams readily available for you to join.

Give Yourself Time To Recover

While most seniors will find that their bodies respond well to moderate physical activity, it’s good to remember that you’re not as young as you once were. With this in mind, Ruben Castaneda, a contributor to U.S. News and World Report, advises that you be sure to give yourself time to recover after participating in your given sport. By taking a day or two off between activity, you’ll give your body the chance it needs to recover and get stronger without too much undue stress.

If you’re thinking about starting to play sports now that you’re retired, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you have a good experience with this.