Different Types Of Horse Racing


Horse racing has been one of the most popular sports of all times for centuries. Although the types of horse racing differ in countries according to the festival and occasion but basically there are three common types of horse racing arranged all around the world. These are flat racing, harness racing and steeplechase.

If you are interested in investing in horse racing, it is extremely important you know about the various types of horse races arranged around the world so that you can choose the perfect race for your horse. Moreover, choosing the perfect horse for a specific type of race is also extremely essential.

Types of Horse Racing:

Basically horse racing can be classified into Graded Stakes Races and Non-Graded Stakes Races. Graded Stake Races are organized on a yearly basis whereas the Non-Graded Stake Races are organized on a weekly or monthly basis and so the prize (also known as the purse) is bigger for the Graded Races and comparatively smaller for the Non-Graded Races.

Apart from the basic classification, the three common types of horse racing include flat racing, harness racing and steeplechase. Let us get to know about the different types of horse racing in detail:

  1. Flat Racing:

Flat racing, as the name suggests, happens on a flat and leveled track without any obstacles, at a predetermined distance. The distance of this race may vary and usually range from 5 furlongs to a maximum of 2 miles. The longest flat race that takes place in UK is held at the Royal Ascot Festival which is 5 furlongs Queen Alexandra Stakes. Such races are usually to test the speed and stamina of the jockey in order to determine when to restrain the horse or to impel it. The more experienced the horse, the longer distance it can run. Flat racing is further subdivided into two categories: Thoroughbred racing and quarter racing depending upon the types of horses used for racing.

  1. Harness Racing:

This is the type of racing in which horses race at a specific gait which may either be a trot or a pace. In these races, the horses pull a two-wheeled cart usually known as a sulky. Pacing horses are faster as compared to the trotting horses.

  1. Steeplechase:

This form of racing is basically with obstacles and the most famous racing of this type is held every three years in Liverpool.