No Ballon d’Or Winner for 2020


The reasons behind the decision

At the beginning of the july, the football society got shocked after the media had released the news that there won’t be Ballon d’Or Winner for 2020. It was quite a shock decision but a reasonable one at the same time. 2020 will be the first “awardless” year since post-war 1956. Here is part from the official announcement of France Football Magazine:

“In exceptional circumstances, exceptional provisions. For the first time in its history, started in 1956, France Football will not be awarded in 2020, owing to insufficient fair conditions. As the organizer of the Ballon d’Or, the Group L’Equipe, to which France Football belongs, decided not to award the most prestigious individual trophy there is in 2020,”. We thought that there is no way the COVID crisis affects the sports world. But here it came. First, it was the postponement of EURO 2020 for the next year. The same happened with the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Afterward, UEFA decided to change the format of the Champions League and Europa League in a shortened version. French Ligue 1 and Netherlands Eredivisie were terminated and new champions and teams to relegate were announced in advance. It has been quite a turbulent year as a whole, perhaps France Football took the right decision considering the strange format of Champions League and the postponement of EURO 2020. It would have not been objective voting for the winner of Ballon d’Or.

The favorites for winning the award

Despite the official announcement that there won’t be a winner of Ballon d’Or in 2020, there are some players who should feel that they had been so close to lifting the most prestigious individual trophy.

After releasing the new, Barcelona officially twitted a photo with all 6 Ballon d’Or-s Lionel Messi, claiming that the Argentinian deserves to lift his 7th award more than anyone else. In fact, the brilliant maestro is having an incredibly good season for another year. Messi was named the goal-scorer of Spain LaLiga scoring 25 goals in 33 matches. He made 22 assists as well.

The process of rejuvenating and transformation in Bayern is still ongoing. The club signed many talented and gifted players for the future. Anyway, the Polish legend Robert Lewandowski was above all this season. He netted a total of 51 goals so far, considering that the season is not over. Bayern hosts Chelsea on 8th, August. The Polish scored 34 goals in 31 games in Bundesliga and 11 goals in 6 games in Champions League. If Bayern won the Champions League, perhaps Lewandowski should feel sorry that he was not named the first-ever Polish to win the Ballon d’Or. Of course, we should mention that two more Polish players were nominated for the prize but they both finished 3rd – Kazimierz Deyna in 1974 and Zbigniew Boniek in 1982.

We would like to mention two players from the LaLiga champions’ squad. Sergio Ramos and Karim Benzema also deserved to lift the most prestigious individual award. Although they are both over their 30’s, they were the leaders of this young and transformed team of Real Madrid. The second spell of Zinedine Zidane could be even more successful than the first one. The average age of the squad is just 25 years!

The season is not over

As Allfootballpredictions have already mentioned, season 2019/20 is still ongoing as the knock-out stage of both Champions Leauge and Europa League is set to start in August. The draw was pretty interesting and we will all witness thrilling and eye-catching matches on our vacations in August. Usually, the summer is a time for relaxation and holidays. But thanks to the tips of Allfootballpredictions, you can make some fast cash while drinking your Mojito cocktail on the beach. Most major European championship may be over but we offer a great variety of football predictions on many events each day.