Running Twister A Quick Review Of The Trampoline Alternative

    Running Twister

    The key to any workout is making it fun, and thats what Running Twisters main claim to fame is. Its hard to be in a bad mood while youre bouncing around thats why kids everywhere love playing on trampolines. But at a certain age, a trampoline is too stressful to rely on for a workout. A large trampoline makes your home insurance premium go up, and a mini one can strain every part of your body. If youre prone to knee problems, leaping on that little canvas can really stress your ligaments. Your back and neck may even hurt after all the jarring from jumping up and down on that tarp-like surface.

    Running Twister doesnt stress your joints, ligaments, and tendons like a trampoline, because your feet dont have to leave the machine. You basically get all the benefits of jumping and bouncing without the nasty side effects. Yes, you can burn hundreds of calories an hour anytime you hop up and down because of the push action required to hurtle your body through the air but you can get the same push action with this machine, without the unwanted consequences. Its a low-impact type of fitness activity while being intense at the same time. You decide how much to ramp up the intensity.

    Whether youre 25 or 52, youll never have the same balance that you had when you were a child. As soon as you maneuver yourself onto a trampoline, youll notice that its easy to lose your balance because there are no handles to grab onto. With Running Twister, you can use the handlebars for balance, or you can use the attached stretch bands for balance, too. You can customize your workout to your specific needs, yet you dont have to worry about falling off the machine.

    The stretchy bands add an extra dimension to your bouncing workout, because they help sculpt your arms while the rest of your body is getting a total cardio routine. Resistance bands are used in gyms across the country for one reason: they’re low-impact, yet completely effective at the same time.

    The trampoline has been overdue for a makeover like this for a long time. Wildly leaping and bounding through the air is too stressful on adult bodies. This machine gives you all the fun and positive benefits of jumping without causing undue stress, strain, and regret. Whether youre a newcomer to the world of fitness, or a seasoned expert, youll find that this machine is a departure from the rest of the new fitness equipment on the market.

    Jamie Pound

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