Safe Riding Tips: 13 Things To Do To Make Sure Drivers And Other Riders See You

Safe Riding Tips: 13 Things To Do To Make Sure Drivers And Other Riders See You

Safety is a paramount concern if bike regularly. Therefore, it’s very important that you know the precautionary measures to make sure drivers and other riders see you. This necessity has prompted cyclers to invest in different gears and even in custom cycling apparel to keep them safe while they are on the road.

If you’re a cycling rookie, here are 13 must-know safe riding tips:

Stick to the designated bike routes. Cycling lanes and routes were made for a reason. Stick to these paths and make sure you’re riding on roads with ample shoulders.

Always ride in the same direction as the traffic. In case you’re on a multi-use path (meaning you ride along with other bigger vehicles), never ride against the traffic.

Light your bike up. Apart from being a legal obligation, equipping your bike with working lights (both on the front and rear) is a basic precautionary measure for any cycler.

Put reflective tapes on your bike and equipment. Another way to increase visibility at night is by using reflective tapes. These can be placed on the wheels and on the helmet.

Make sure your cycling clothing has built-in reflective materials. When ordering custom cycling apparel, ensure that it features strategically placed reflective elements.

Opt for light-hued cycling apparel. To further increase night-time visibility, it’s advisable to wear light colors like yellow, green, and white.

Invest in performance eyewear. This accessory doubles as a protection for your eyes and a way to help you see better while you’re on the road (they help stop your eyes from tearing up).

Let someone know you’re out for a bike ride. You can even use apps to let your loved ones know where you’re exactly riding.

Group rides are often safer than going solo. Though solo bike rides can be thrilling and offer a different of experience, know that there’s safety in numbers especially when it comes to cycling. You’re more visible to other drivers, plus your fellow riders can be of help in case you’ve encountered a road accident.

Always be keen and aware of your surroundings. Anyone who’s on the road (may they be a driver, a biker, or a passer-by) should always be aware of what happens around them. Be alert and look for potential road hazards.

Make eye contact with other drivers and riders. Road awareness is one thing, sending out actual signals to other road users is another. Apart from making eye contact, you can also use your hands or some special gears to let others know you’re maneuvering or heading towards a certain direction. The bottom line is that you need to make your intentions clear with others.

Attend cycle training. Never discount the importance of this kind of learning experience. It is through these training that cyclists can know about the basics of safe riding.

Develop your sense of anticipation. The road can be a very dangerous place. Even if you’re fully equipped and you wear appropriate gears and custom cycling apparel, it pays to have a great sense of anticipation.

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