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Types of Park Snowboards

    Park Snowboards

    A park snowboard is ideal for snowboarding in a ski resort with dedicated jib lines. The board you choose should have a good pop and solid landings. The main purpose of a park snowboard is to perform jib tricks. A good board will also allow you to do big airs and pops. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner, the right board will give you the performance you’re looking for. For more information, visit


    The cambered park snowboard is a versatile choice for snowboarding. Its cambered shape provides more edge-hold and pop than non-cambered models. Its softer waist between the bindings makes it easier to flex and Ollie. It also provides more control during turns. Some of the top brands offer cambered models, such as Pocketknife and dobro.

    The cambered snowboard has a lively feel and stores energy during carving turns. However, once you pop off of an Ollie, you want to regain the board’s original shape. Cambered snowboards have stiffer flexes, which means that you have to exert more force to flex the board, but they’re also more forgiving.

    Cambered park snowboards differ from flat and convex models, but they share some common characteristics. In general cambered boards have an upturned center and minimal elevation on the sides. They are good for gaining speed and control while carving and bombing hills. However, the edges tend to be less forgiving, so cambered boards aren’t suitable for beginners.

    Twin shape

    Among the different types of park snowboards, the twin shape is among the most popular. This shape is symmetrical and offers consistent flex. Twins are a great choice for those who enjoy riding in different directions and like to do tricks. The twin shape is also a great option for switch riders as it offers a similar feel in both directions.

    A true twin board has the same width from nose to tail. It also has the same cut. Its center dips in the same place on either side. Its symmetrical shape is great for beginners and makes the switch very easy. However, true twin shapes have a few disadvantages, including a lack of power and chatter at high speeds.


    The park snowboards are designed to give you an edge on the snow. The board’s sidewalls and Cleave Edge give you increased durability and a smoother ride. The sintered base is also harder and more durable. This snowboard is designed to give you the performance you want on the freestyle and street scene.

    The Kinks are ideal for urban and park riding. They feature graphics created by Jed Anderson, who also uses the snowboards. The Kink is built with Twin Hybrid Camber for smooth turn initiation and pop, Quadratic Sidecut for edge hold, Slimewalls for a smooth ride, Cleave Edge for added durability, and a Sintered Base for increased traction and durability.

    Split feature

    If you’re looking for a board that can transform from a snowboard to ski mode with ease, consider buying a splitboard. Splitboards are very similar to regular snowboards, but they have an additional metal edge in the ski mode and more clips and holes for the snowboard to be placed in the ski mode. Moreover, they have outside edge skis for added traction and stability.

    The split boards are ideal for ripping around a variety of terrain. Their camber profile provides added edge control and stability at higher speeds, while maintaining a skateboard-like feel at slower speeds. In addition, they allow riders to hold their edge even on wind-blown peaks.

    Durable base

    A durable base is essential for park snowboards, especially if you like carving turns and taking on rails. Most bases are made from a porous plastic known as P-Tex, a type of high-pressure polyethylene that is waxed for slipperiness. While these types of bases are long-lasting and durable, they can be costly to repair.

    There are two types of bases, extruded and sintered. An extruded base is more cost-effective and requires less maintenance. An extruded base, on the other hand, is easier to repair and store in a board bag. While extruded bases are less expensive, sintered bases are the most durable and offer better performance.

    When choosing a base for a park snowboard, you need to consider your ability level. Beginners will not notice the difference in base materials and may be able to save money by choosing an extruded base. However, if you’re an advanced rider, you’ll want a sintered base.

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