Wildcat Gifts provides unique merchandise for University of Kentucky Fans

merchandise for University of Kentucky Fans

Arguably the University of Kentucky has the best college basketball fans
in the world. Those who grow up in the state of Kentucky claim that they “bleed blude”, blue being the color of the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

There is simply not a more loyal, dedicated, fan base in college basketball than
fans of the University of Kentucky Wildcats. If you have ever traveled through the beautiful state of Kentucky you see reference to the University of Kentucky Wildcats everywhere you look.

Most homes have garden or house flags that reference the University of Kentucky football or basketball team. Most cars have a University of Kentucky sticker, or license plate on the front of the vehicle. And people are waring blue, everywhere you look.

The fact around the history of the University of Kentucky basketball team, support this type of fan loyalty. The facts on what this team has accomplished over the years, speak for themselves.

Kentucky has won eight NCAA men’s Division I college basketball championships:

  • 2012 (defeated Kansas, 67-59)
  • 1998 (defeated Utah, 78-69)
  • 1996 (defeated Syracuse, 76-67)
  • 1978 (defeated Duke, 94-88)
  • 1958 (defeated Seattle, 84-72)
  • 1951 (defeated Kansas State, 68-58)
  • 1949 (defeated Oklahoma A&M, 46-36)
  • 1948 (defeated Baylor, 58-42)

To date 13 former Kentucky Wildcat basketball players haveplayed on NBA Championship teams, here they are:Wildcat NBA Champions

NOEL, Paul – Rochester Royals (1951)
TSIOROPOULOS, Lou – Boston Celtics (1957, ‘59)
RAMSEY, Frank – Boston Celtics (1957, ‘59, ‘60-’64)
HAGAN, Cliff – St. Louis Hawks (1958)
RILEY, Pat – Los Angeles Laker (1972; Coach- 1982, ‘85, ‘87, ‘88); Miami Heat (Coach-2006)
STEELE, Larry – Portland Trailblazers (1977)
GREVEY, Kevin – Washington Bullets (1978)
ROBEY, Rick – Boston Celtics (1981)
PRINCE, Tayshaun – Detroit Pistons (2004)
MOHAMMED, Nazr – San Antonio Spurs (2005)
ANDERSON, Derek – Miami Heat (2006)
WALKER, Antoine – Miami Heat (2006)
RONDO, Rajon – Boston Celtics (2008)

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