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    Playing Football

    Passion does not die. Even when you have retired from the field of work, if truly love your profession, you will make it a point to stick to it. If you cannot perform from the front line, you will make it a point to help others accomplish your desire and make a name for it. This is the case with Duval Love. He played pro football for Los Angeles Rams. Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers in his career. Even though he has retired from the pro football, he works with the youngsters and help them gain confidence to play the sport. It is modern age mentoring from which young players get motivation to stick to the game, facing hardship.

    Love played 12 long seasons at NFL. His career graph says that he had made through the challenges of the pro football and gathered enough knowledge that he can help those who want to succeed in this profession. If you are wondering what is so difficult about sticking to the sport, you might be surprised to know that football demands everything you have. It becomes a challenge to improve each day. This is the reason, players lose motivation and require guidance of someone who has been there.

    Duval Love shares with the young people the secret of improving in pro football. It’s true that practice makes it perfect. It does. However, only practicing does not make one successful. This is something every footballer needs to remember. If you cannot grow as a human being you cannot grow as a footballer. Love recalls the days of his games when he was still getting started. Team practice had been his only objective of getting out of the bed with the first ray of dawn. Team practices are the way of knowing what you lack. Where you need improvement is a big question, not everyone know or realizes it. For this reason, team practices are important. If you skip them you will be cheating yourself.

    NFL comes with glamor and money. It also comes with criticism. If you cannot use the criticism constructively, you will never improve in the game. Love highlights the ability to take criticism. He says if you take it and keep going, you will learn a lot from the harsh words people will hurl at you. Surviving NFL is not easy. However, there are hundreds of players who are doing it. You can too, if you stick to it and prepare yourself for the hardship.

    Additionally, Duval Love focuses on building your mental strength. NFL demands hard life. It bring competition. Everyone is a star here. If you want to survive the challenges you need to work on your mental strength. You need to find a mentor who will hold your hand and will guide you ahead. To witness the grandeur of NFL matches and to see the fruits of mentorship in action like Duval Love’s, secure your seats at the next Super Bowl by visiting TicketSmarter, your reliable source for sports event tickets.

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