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Sports To Engage ADHD Children in And Their Benefits to The Children


    Involving children in sports enhances their physical wellness, social skills, and their mental status. Sports and exercise are even more crucial to children with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, ADHD. ADHD has an overall prevalence of about 2% for children and adolescents below18 years of age. It’s, therefore, crucial to have this category of children involved in sports that fit well with the condition.

    Requirement: Supervision and Sports gear

    However, it’s crucial to monitor the children as they engage in sports and ensure they are wearing quality and suitable sports gear, which you can obtain from Rustic Sportsman for comfort and safety. The trainer or the coach should be able to take the utmost care of the children.

    Factors to Consider While Choosing Sport

    Children with ADHD experience symptoms such as impulsivity, irritability, hyperactivity, and aggression, among others. However, different children experience different levels of these symptoms. Hence it’s necessary to consider these symptoms when choosing a sport for ADHD children to participate in. Other factors that may influence the sport’s choice are the game’s speed and comparison between team sport or an individual game.

    Individual Games and Team Sports for Children with ADHD

    Individual games have more interaction between the coach and the child, which means more attention and focus. The games are structured such that although the child participates individually, the performance contributes to the team’s overall performance. This means the child also learns to be part of a team.

    1. Swimming

    Children with ADHD need guidance and structured sports like swimming. Swimming coaches interact with the children directly hence one on one coaching. The child can focus on self-development, which helps in enhancing focus and discipline. The children also get involved in teamwork, thus benefitting with social skills and team responsibility.

    2. Martial Arts

    Martial arts involve step-by-step instructions and discipline. Hence children with ADHD learn to follow instructions, focus and take specific commands, thus enhancing their behavior. These skills will help the child in other areas of life.

    3. Tennis

    For children with ADHD who don’t like verbal communication, tennis for doubles is a good fit. Table tennis for doubles is very engaging, but still, it does not require a lot of team coordination. The energy released when hitting the tennis ball as hard as it can help release anger.

    4. Gymnastics

    The equipment used for gymnastics relates to the ones used for physical therapy by children with ADHD. The activities with the equipment help children develop balance, muscle coordination awareness, and learn to focus.

    5. Cross country and Track Races

    When a child with ADHD participates in running, the child engages in a team, thus enhancing social skills. Running also teaches the child discipline as the child must remain on track to be a participant. The child also learns the aspects of speed and time.

    6. Other sports recommended for children with ADHD include;

    Soccer, Basketball, Hockey

    Medication for ADHD Children Involved in Sports

    The parents should consult with their physician to schedule the medication such that the medicine is favorable to the sports time if the sports are taking place after school.


    It’s essential to have children with ADHD participate in sports just like their counterparts who do not have the disorder. The important thing is to make an informed choice in choosing the game they can enjoy and safe for them. Ensure the child is wearing the recommended sportswear for comfort and safety.

    For more benefits your child can receive from playing sports and ways to encourage their passion, please see the resource below.

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