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3 Steps for Desensitizing Your Horse

    Desensitizing Your Horse

    Horses are naturally skittish creatures. Because of their timid natures, bright colors, loud noises or large crowds often scare them, and if a horse spooks while you are on its back, you could get seriously hurt. Desensitizing your mount is a great way to be confident that your horse will stay calm in most situations. Use these three steps for the desensitization process.

    Bright Colors

    The easiest thing for horses to get used to is bright colors. To get started, make sure you are in a comfortable setting such as your home arena. Your horse should feel safe here, so it is the perfect place to introduce your mount to various brightly colored objects. You may want to invest in several horse jump colors to start using practical objects that your horse may see on a regular basis.

    Loud Noises

    Once you trust your horse not to spook when it sees brightly colored objects, you can move on to loud noises. Start small and work your way up so that you don’t overwhelm your horse. Make sure you work in a space where your horse feels safe and offer plenty of praise and reassurance every time you introduce a new sound.

    Large Crowds

    Large crowds are often the most difficult challenge for horses. Not only are they exposed to sights and sounds that could scare them, but they are also around a lot of new people. Make sure your horse knows that strange people are not always dangerous. Once your horse is less skittish around crowds, take your mount to a small event and gradually work your way up to large crowds.

    Desensitizing a horse can help you feel safer every time you are on its back. It’s important to develop a strong relationship with your pet so that it trusts you during the desensitization process, and these three tips can help.

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