5 Unique Reasons Why Soccer is the Greatest Sport


    The average American watches several hours of TV every day. It gets increasingly hard to decide what to watch.

    Many of us love sports because it’s real life. There is no acting or trickery. It’s just gifted human beings competing at the highest levels.

    Are you looking for a new sport to watch? Soccer has something for everything. Read on to learn why it’s the world’s greatest sport.

    Travel the World

    Have you ever noticed that the winning teams of the NFL and MLB are declared “world champs”? If they only play against teams from the USA (and maybe Canada), are they truly world champs?

    When you watch soccer, you are truly participating in a worldwide phenomenon. You can travel the entire world from the comfort of your home. This experience is something no other sport can truly offer.

    This is because soccer is popular around the globe. You can watch the English Premier League, South America’s fabled Copa Libertadores tournament, or the World Cup itself. Either way, you are immersing yourself in different cultures from around the world.

    Commercial Breaks?

    The average broadcast of an NFL game features over 100 commercials and just 11 minutes of actual gameplay. It convenient if you need to get snacks but it gets old fast.

    Soccer consists of two uninterrupted 45-minute halves. When you watch live soccer on tv, the only commercials are during the halftime break. That means more action and less car insurance commercials.

    Unmatched Passion

    You’d be hard-pressed to find a group of sports fans more passionate than soccer enthusiasts. For them, it’s more than just a game or a competition. It’s a whole way of life.

    Whether soccer fans are supporting their club or their country, they go to any length to egg their team forward. It doesn’t matter if you manage to get into the stadium or not. In fact, well over three billion people tuned in to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

    As soccer fans, we live and die for the team. When you watch soccer online and you hear the chants, the drums, and the jeers, you can feel the passion come alive.

    Poetry in Motion

    There is a reason why people called soccer the world’s “most beautiful game”. There is something so primordial and natural about kicking a soccer ball around a pitch (soccer field).

    The passing, the dekes, the impeccable ball control… it’s all part of what makes soccer so captivating. Of course, watching a perfectly curved shot go into the top corner is just so glorious.

    It takes quite a bit of skill and a whole lot of practice to be able to master your soccer skills. When you combine the technical ability, the passion, and the pressure, you get the best team sport in the world.

    An Explosion of Joy

    The detractors of soccer will point out that it is a very low scoring game. It’s true when you compare it to basketball, for example.

    However, you’ll find that we value quality over quantity. Sure, you might wait over an hour for a goal. But the feeling when it happens is unlike any other in sports.

    Hopefully, we’ll be able to enjoy beautiful goals for many years to come. Visit this link to learn more about soccer sustainability.

    Soccer: The World’s Greatest Sport

    There are many sports you could watch. There football, basketball, dodgeball, and even golf.

    None of these compare to watching live soccer on tv. Whether you grew up playing it or are new, everyone can enjoy the world’s greatest sport.

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