Spirit of the Marathon: The Essentials


    If running is a bit new to you, you will need at least six months to build up to the distance of a marathon. If you run a minimum of 25 miles per week currently, that would cut your training time down to about three months. The most important aspect is to get into the spirit of the marathon and commit to your training.

    Choose the Right Marathon

    There will usually be many choices to pick from. You could choose to jump right into a large city marathon, or choose a bit more low-key option, like a country marathon or half marathon. This will not only be a great way to test yourself, but it also a nice way to take in some nature. You will be able to get into the spirit of the marathon if you stop and visualize the wonderful sights you will see.

    Training Essentials

    You have decided to partake in a marathon, so now is the time to get into a set schedule. If you follow any of these marathon training tips, you will be well on your way to crossing the finish line in grand form.

    1. Stay Committed

    You may be a hardcore runner who has been running long distances for many years, but that won’t make a bit of difference when it comes to running in a marathon. A marathon is a true test and will show you whether you have done enough in your training, or if you came up short. You will need to get in the spirit of the marathon well in advance of the race, as well as admit that your life will be considerably different for awhile. You should try to simplify other aspects of your life, as much of your time will be going into training.

    2. Work up Gradually

    You are probably aware that with any long distance, you need to build up a little bit at a time. This is even truer with a marathon. Unless you are a world-class runner, then this distance will be far more than you have ever run. Give your body a chance to acclimate to increased distances by resting every other day.

    3. Long Distance Running

    Your weekly run at a longer distance will be your foundation to build upon as you begin working up to marathon distance. You will need to take the spirit of the marathon to heart and be sure not to skip any workouts. Your long run will give you the confidence to not only compete in a marathon, but be totally confident that you will finish.

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