Tips For Embarking On The Best Ireland Golf Trips

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    For every golfer, an Irish getaway is bound to be on the bucket list. Ireland has numerous sights to behold; it is one of the perfect specimens of the best culmination of nature’s bounties. Resplendent with culture, history and indescribable beauty, Ireland is any traveller’s go-to destination and is not short of being paradise on earth. For a golf enthusiast, there are a variety of dream courses; hence, making it the perfect destination for both – sightseeing and playing golf.

    That said, there are number of aspects that come into play while planning and executing the perfect trip to this country. A few things such as the forces of nature; the weather are undoubtedly out of one’s control, however, if one concentrates on what one can control, then a little planning can go a long way. Hereunder are a few tips that may come handy while planning the ultimate Ireland golf trips.

    Create an Itinerary

    This might sound like a no brainer, but once one puts everything to perspective, a perfect getaway does involve financing. So, if one wants to tap the full potential of the money being put in for leisure or hobby time, one needs to plan ahead. Although Ireland might look small geography wise, it gets slightly daunting to travel around in narrow roads. Here, it is necessary to not build an unrealistically ambitious itinerary listing all top golf courses. A good choice would be to tour a particular section of the island.

    Appropriate Packing

    Since the weather is quite unpredictable, it is always advised to bring layers and extra clothing even during hotter months, because the rains can chill one thoroughly. While travelling during the rainy season, a rain coat is a must. More importantly, making one’s golf bag lighter by removing shag balls, extra tees, etc. is advised as well.

    Have extra time and backup

    Always having an extra pair of shoes, an extra charger, extra golf balls might end up saving a lot of unnecessary time spent around squabbling for them and make things easier and convenient, leaving more time for what one would want to do on Ireland golf trips – play golf. Moreover, having extra time in the travel schedule can never go wrong – one can always visit local pubs or sight-see.


    The republic of Ireland has Euros while Northern Ireland uses the pound. The pound usually tends to be more expensive, hence, it is advised to get money exchanged from your home to avoid unnecessary expenses on account of hefty fees charged by local moneylenders in Ireland or at the airport.

    The usual Irish golf tours last for around a week or ten days. So, it is advised to take some time off, instead of playing golf each day and explore the beautiful countryside. Ireland has a lot to offer.

    Jamie Pound

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