Tips To Become A Professional Footballer

    Professional Footballer

    Football is a great sport and is very popular all around the world; however it is not an easy sport to play especially when talking about becoming professional.

    Football at the high end of the spectrum is intense and requires not just phenomenal talent but a work ethic and drive to train hard and be completely committed to speed, skill, strength and stamina. Without these attributes, one cannot hope to become a professional footballer.

    Below we have put together 5 important tips that you will need to obey if you have any hope of making it on to a professional footing in football. Before you go down this route, you need to have natural skill and talent and this is something that only a coach can tell you that you have.

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    Firstly you need to be totally committed and this means being able to sacrifice nights out, drinking with friends and all the other ‘vices’ that young people enjoy doing. A lot of great football talent is flushed away with partying and nights out because they simply are distracted and people with more dedication who rest and have early nights perform better on the pitch.


    Outside of football training you need to have your own personal training and that means early morning runs, sprint training and gym training. All this needs to be done even in the rain or snow. Again this is down to sheer commitment and self motivation which is essential to succeed on the football pitch.


    There is a strong belief that a good footballer should be very into watching football both present day and classic matches as this gives them in sight into great moments, new skills and plays that work. When a young Mike Tyson was training as a teenager, he used to watch and study old fighters every night which gave him great mental knowledge of some of the past greats and new moves that he could use. The same principles apply to football.


    You need to be inspired and motivated and sometime the best way to do that is to have a current football icon that you strive towards. So if you are a Manchester United fan, you need to find a role model in there such as a great player like Wayne Rooney. A good way to find inspiration is to read his book and learn his story on how he came from nothing to wearing the great Manchester United kit.


    Practising football is essential to becoming professional and that means during training sessions, working hard at your weaknesses such as passing, shooting, defending or whatever they might be. Then after practice working on your own skills in your own time will help you improve.

    To be a professional footballer you need to live and breathe the game both physically and mentally and even then there are no guarantees.

    Jamie Pound

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