Why Golf is So Addictive


    The game of golf really is something that grips you from day one, and what might seem like a simple enough task, to get the ball into the hole, turns out to be a complex and very frustrating experience that, once you have tried, becomes obsessive.

    Beating the Course

    Once you have had a few lessons, and can actually hit the ball, then it begins. Challenging the golf course is an awesome experience, and every time is different, and it is all about your score; how many shots it takes to complete the 18 holes. If you play golf in Wentworth, you have a couple of the best courses in the world, right on your doorstep, and wherever you live in the UK, you are never far from a golf course.

    Playing Others

    Golf has a handicap system that allows even a beginner to play against a pro and still have a chance of winning, which is one of the reasons why golf is so popular. A beginner would start with a 24 handicap, and if you played with a professional who has handicap of zero, you have 24 shots to be taken away from your final score, and if you had a good round, you could finish under par for the round and that might be enough to win the game.

    Major Benefits

    Golf offers the following benefits:

    • Regular exercise
    • Lots of fresh air
    • Tons of enjoyment

    If you would like to take up this compelling sport, buy a half set of clubs, take a few lessons from a professional and that will be enough to get you hooked.

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