Wooden vs. Plastic Golf Tees: Which Golf Tees Are the Best for You?

    Golf Tees

    When it comes to golf, the equipment that you use matters. To play the game at your best, you need the right balls, the right clubs, and the right tee. All of your equipment must fit your style perfectly.

    But as you know like what are blade putters, there are plastic golf tees and wooden golf tees. If you haven’t been playing the game long, you may not know which one you prefer. Each of them brings something different to the table, so you may have a different experience with each one.With that said, take a look at the information below to decide between the two tees.

    The Variety of Different Golf Tees

    Golf tees come with a number of materials, and they all have benefits and drawbacks. Since they are more eco friendly, wood or bamboo tees are a good choice. Plus, if you hit your drives solely on the upswing, they will last as long as plastic tees.

    The materials that are most frequently used are the following:

    • Wood
    • Bamboo
    • Plastic
    • Rubber

    The most widely used tees include:

    • Brush
    • Zero Friction
    • Standard
    • Anti-Slice

    If you’re a rookie at golf, it’s okay. You’ll get the hang of things. Check out this guide to learn the best golf tees for beginners.

    Reasons to Use Plastic Golf Tees

    In size and weight, plastic golf tees are comparable to tees made from other materials.

    With the ball on a plastic tee, there is less pressure on contact than a wooden tee and they come with zero friction options. The ball on top of the prongs is assisted by zero friction plastic tees that reduce the resistance provided by the tee.

    A big advantage of plastic tees is that they are a lot more versatile and sturdy than wooden tees. They’ll usually stretch rather than crack, so breaking a plastic tee is almost impossible.

    The Downside of Plastic Golf Tees

    Plastic tees, while incredibly resilient and almost unbreakable, appear to fold and become tougher to press against hard turf.
    Tees made of plastic take decades to break down.

    That means that they stay on the dirt on the golf course when the owners don’t pull them back out, and it causes the environment to suffer.

    The Advantages of Wooden Tees

    Since they are biodegradable, wooden tees are far more eco-friendly. A wooden tee’s strength greatly surpasses that of a plastic tee. When pressing it onto the rough soil, it will only crack if the ground is hard or when it’s forced into the ground at a weird angle.

    The Downside of Wooden Tees

    Wood tees appear to fade into the background with the natural wood grain color, making it harder to spot in the grass— particularly in a dry environment. When pressed into rough terrain, wooden tees are more likely to crack. However, when contact is made, colorful tees leave bright markings on the driver and irons.

    Plastic Golf Tees or Wooden Golf Tees: You Decide

    Now that you’ve read the information about plastic golf tees and wooden golf tees, which one do you think is best for you? You should play around with both of them, to compare which one you like the most. That’s the best way to choose.

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