3 Things To Know Before Going Golfing For The First Time


    One sport that many people are able to continue doing during the current pandemic is golf. However, if you’ve never tried golfing before, you may feel too intimidated to take this sport up without first doing a little training and practicing on your own.

    Once you’ve learned a little bit about the fundamentals of golf, it’s time to try your hand at an actual round of golf. To help ease some of your fears about this, here are three things to know before going golfing for the first time.

    You Likely Won’t Be A Natural

    Practicing things like putting or teeing off are good ways to get a feel for golfing before actually going golfing. However, even with some practice under your belt, Joel Beall, a contributor to, shares that it’s very likely that you’re not going to be a natural the first time you play. Even if it’s just the first time you’re playing this year but you’ve been golfing before, it’s wise to not expect too much out of this experience as far as how well you’re going to play.

    Really, your very first round of golf should be more about getting a feel for being on a golf course rather than wanting to prove yourself as a gifted golfer. There will be time for that later on.

    Be Careful With The Golf Cart

    If you’ve never driven a golf cart before, it’s good to know a few things going into your first experience taking one golfing with you.

    According to Brandon Tucker, walking may be a better bet for your first time golfing. But if you’re set on having a golf cart, remember to take it slow so you don’t cause any damage to the course. Also, try to keep the golf cart away from where play is actually taking place so that it doesn’t get in the way of yourself or others as they’re swinging.

    Learn When It’s Your Turn

    Since you’re likely not playing your first round of golf all by yourself, it’s a fair bet that you’ll have people with you who will help you to know when it’s your turn to hit the ball. But to assist you in keeping track of the game yourself, Brent Kelley, a contributor to, shares that the person who had the best score from the previous hole will usually tee off first. After that, the person who’s farthest away from the hole will usually hit before the others, unless you’re playing ready golf, which means everyone can keep going as soon as they’re ready.

    If you’re thinking about taking up golfing and are planning to go for the first time, use the tips mentioned above to help you learn some tricks that will make your first experience easier and more fun.

    Jamie Pound

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