Here’s What You Need To Buy Your First Triathlon


    One of the biggest dilemmas for a beginner before their first triathlon is figuring out what they would wear on the day of the race. Although the question might seem intimidating to a person who has never been on a triathlon, the answer to this is pretty simple.

    In a triathlon, triathletes wear a specialised gear which is known as a triathlon kit or suit. These suits are specially designed for triathletes for seamless participation in swimming, running and cycling!

    A tri-athlete, won’t take off his or her suit. Most, if not all tri-athletes prefer not to wear any other piece of clothing underneath their triathlon kit.

    What is a triathlon suit or kit?

    Well, as mentioned earlier, a triathlon suit or kit is specially designed for triathletes. These specialised suits are made using material that is capable of wicking out moisture from beneath the surface of the suit. These suits also come with padding in the areas that will be in contact with the saddle of a bicycle during the intense race.

    The best part about triathlon wear is when an athlete completes his or her swim, and gets on their bicycle, he or she will be soaked but after a short while, they will be dry, and thanks to the wicking-effect of the suit they are wearing! There are two types of triathlon wear. They are as follows –

    One Piece Triathlon Suit

    Most triathlon suit fabricators manufacture one-piece suits. These come with a zip in the front section of the suit. These typically fit snugly and are similar to the fit and finish of a swimsuit. These also come with a thin pad in the areas that will be in contact with the saddle of a bicycle.

    One-piece suits are preferred by tri-athletes who prefer not to show their skin to the spectators but there is a drawback to this – in case one has to go to the bathroom, getting in and out of this suit is a bit hectic!

    Two-Piece Triathlon Suit

    Two-piece triathlon suits are mostly preferred by all triathletes, irrespective of their expertise and skills! These come with team logos, one can go to the toilet much easier when they are wearing one of these and mixing the colours of tops and bottoms becomes much easier!

    Things to keep in mind

    • Ladies – Avoid wearing a bra and opt for a specialised sports bra in case you are planning to wear something under which most triathletes don’t! Men – you may or may not wear trunks underneath the triathlon kit. However, wearing trunks could make it a bit uncomfortable while cycling and swimming.
    • A female tri-athlete should avoid wearing a one-piece swimsuit. She can rock it if she has plans to wear it during the entire race and is wearing a tri-short over the swimsuit.
    • Tri-athletes, irrespective of their sex shouldn’t be changing their clothes in transition.
    • Irrespective of the triathlon kit or suit one has invested in, they should put it on and practice several times to get the hang of it!

    Just be sure to purchase a triathlon kit from a renowned manufacturer that has a strong reputation as a brand in the market. After all, you do not want to worry about your triathlon kit getting ripped nor coming in the way of your victory now, do you!?

    Jamie Pound

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